The Evolution of Carrie Bradshaw

As I relax on vacation and binge watch numerous episodes of Sex & The City, I am reminded of Carrie Bradshaw's complete style evolution during each of the six seasons and the two films from 1998 to 2010. From a tight 90s cocktail dress in Season 1 to a pair of skinny denim jeans in... Continue Reading →

Fashion & The First Ladies

A First Lady's fashion not only expresses the trends of that era and her personal style, but also provides the nuances into her husband's presidential administration. At the National Museum of American History, there is an entire collection based on the first ladies, with their gowns as the focal point. Majority of the gowns housed... Continue Reading →

Stylish at Seventeen Months: Princess Charlotte

With national spotlight constantly hovering over Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge (more colloquially known as Kate Middleton), she must ensure her daughter looks just as polished. Even at the tender age of seventeen months, Princess Charlotte has a closet that most toddlers (or their mothers) would covet. According to Monique Jessen of People,... Continue Reading →

55 Years of Jack Rogers

Happy happy birthday to the Jack Rogers Navajo Sandal! In honor of the sandal's 55th anniversary, the brand is going all out to celebrate! The classic Navajo Sandal, available in a variety of colors and textures, have been seen on the perfectly-pedicured feet of teen girls (like myself), brides, and even Jackie Kennedy! Similar to... Continue Reading →

London in Brooklyn

Stacy London is back…and better than ever! London recently launched a new makeover show on TLC- Love, Lust or Run. Personally, I found What Not To Wear to be more entertaining, but I will certainly give the show a chance. Apart from her life on television, Refinery29 just released an extensive interview with London and a... Continue Reading →

Remembering Vince Camuto

"I'm passionate about creating a product that women really want…infusing great style comfort and unparalleled value, for every stage of her life." -Vince Camuto Every time I open another gray and fuchsia Vince Camuto shoe box, that eloquent quote graces the lid. Unfortunately, Camuto, age 78, recently died peacefully in his home as a result of prostate... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching: House of DVF

What do long weekends call for? Besides catching up with friends, shopping and sleeping, they are all about binge watching your favorite shows! Although I am usually a Netflix enthusiast, I recently found a full series On Demand- House of DVF. Of course I had heard of the wonderful Diane von Furstenberg prior to the... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching: The Carrie Diaries

Scrolling through Netflix on a rainy Saturday morning, I hoped to find a sentimental Christmas movie. With my search proving fruitless, I settled on a show I had heard little of. Having never watched an episode of Sex and the City, I chose The Carrie Diaries simply by the vibrant and intriguing advertisement on Netflix. Since... Continue Reading →

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

With the tragic passing of the fabulous yet witty Joan Rivers, there are large shoes (more like stilettos!) to be filled on Fashion Police. According to CNN Entertainment, E! has chosen Kathy Griffin to join the (fashion) police force! The new Fashion Police team will debut on January 12, 2015, with live coverage on the red... Continue Reading →

End of An Era: Oscar de la Renta

October 20, 2014. A solemn day is the world of fashion as we bid farewell to a beloved designer: Oscar de la Renta. A native Dominican, de la Renta was renowned for "reshap[ing] the public image of first ladies, society muses and red-carpet regulars with grand evening wear that celebrated Latin sensuality, European refinement and... Continue Reading →

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