Creating with Crayola

Searching for inspiration for my next project, I stumbled upon Bloomingdale's display of garments made from Crayola crayons. Designers ranging from Nanette Lepore to Rebecca Minkoff used these childhood coloring tool to create beautiful, monochromatic looks. After realizing the amount of crayons I would need for a full-blown crayon garment, I decided to use them... Continue Reading →

A Million Dresses In One

My latest creation shouldn't just be within the pages of Vogue, but it's made of the pages from Vogue! A dear friend of mine asked if I would be willing to make a dress for her to wear to our winter formal. After brainstorming, we decided to craft the garment our of Vogue magazines! Although... Continue Reading →

A Very Merry Monogrammed Christmas

Santa sure knows the way to my heart…through those three little letters that I call my own! From necklaces and earrings to sweatshirts, I found several monogrammed items under the tree. More importantly, I found a monogramming machine! Words cannot begin to describe how surprised I was to find such a fabulous gift. I first... Continue Reading →

DIY Canvases

It's that time...put your hair in a ponytail, change into your grubby old clothes, and channel your inner artist. Let's craft!!! I'm not the most artistic person, but I do consider myself a pretty creative thinker. I can imagine these elaborate and super creative ideas in my mind, but when it comes to executing them... Continue Reading →

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