Cheers to 2017

After celebrating the new year over a week ago and continuing the celebrations for my 20th birthday yesterday, I believe it is time to formally welcome to upcoming year! Between relationships with family and friends, health and fitness and academics, I have several hopes, dreams and ambitions for 2017. Personally, I have grown to despise the term resolutions. In its truest sense, a resolution involves a making a firm decision or solving a problem. Therefore, I have come to realize that I must establish realistic, achievable goals instead of looming resolutions to design a successful year. It may sound cliche, but I do truly believe that 2017 has the possibility of being “my year” if I put in the effort required to achieve my goals. What are your aspirations for the new year?


2016: The Year of New Trends

Happy 2016! Aside from ringing in the new year with beloved friends and family, the most important task of 2016 is staying abreast of the plethora new trends. According to ElleHarper’s Bazaar and Vogue, 2016 will be filled with an array of new, re-done, and re-imagind trends. Explore my most anticipated styles of season and don’t forget to experiment with these hot trends!

Trends of 2016


From Drab to Fab

If Stacy London and Clinton Kelly taught me anything, it’s that a makeover is necessary every know and then! As a result, today we must say goodbye to Confessions of a Preppy Fashionista and hello to Talk Trendy To Me! Although this may seem like a simple change in title and url, I felt as though re-branding was wise at this stage in my life. Having just embarked on a new journey at the University of Georgia, my style and outlooks on fashion are shifting. My goal with this new trademark is to hopefully expand the horizons of my blogging and provide a fresh perspective into the fashion world.

I hope you like it! xoxo

The Fashionista is Relocating

Athens, Georgia: here I come! My time in the Washington, DC area has come to a close, and in less than 12 hours I will be in the car, en route to the next chapter of my life. Beginning my freshmen year at the University of Georgia, I plan for a memorable, challenging, fun four years.

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

   Just because the fashionista is relocating does not mean she will become absent. You will still be seeing frequent Instagrams at @fashionista_mkd and weekly blog posts! While earning my degree in Fashion Merchanising and enjoying my college years, I hope to still portray my commentary, obsessions, and inspirations in the fashion world!

Xoxo, Mary Kate, “The Fashionista”

Update: Where Are You Fashionista?

Hello darlings! Please excuse my absence from blogging, instagramming or corresponding in any way, shape or form. Each and every year, the fall some how seems to make my life incredibly busy, and I’m (sadly) forced to cease blogging for a while.

But, now that most of my obligations are quieting down and the holiday season is rapidly approaching I have more time to relay the thoughts of the Fashionista! Since we last communicated, I have been overwhelmed with activities, trips, obligations, etc. My family and I visited my sister in Louisville, KY, I celebrated my high school’s spirit week as a cheerleader, finished college applications, endured surgery, and… GOT INTO COLLEGE! So, yes the Fashionista will be taking her inspirations and laptop to a new locale next year. With a clearer schedule, please look forward to more frequent posts this winter!

Xo, MK

Here Goes Nothing

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!

I live in an imaginary world filled with several shades of pink, monograms galore, a breathtaking closet (of mostly shoes, of course) and tons of hot guys, baked goods and caffeine to get me through the day! Welcome to this world. From now on, I hope to take you on this magical and fashionable journey of my life. Sit back and enjoy the ride- but don’t forget your luggage; you’re going to need adorable outfits, darling!