Taming My Mane

“Wow! Your hair looks so good like that; you should wear it like that more often!” Until spending a day at the beach with me or catching me immediately after a shower, it is hard to know that my natural hair is full of frizzy curls. Personally, I consider my curls quite unruly and often... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Beach Babe

It's summer: put down those heated styling tools and pick up Not Your Mother's Beach Babe products. Both the texturing hair cream and texturizing sea salt spray can make any hair type go from boring to beachy in a matter of seconds. Personally, I heat style my hair quite often from September to May; therefore,... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me: Going Naked

2015 is all about going Naked…as in the cosmetic product! My birthday (January 8) comes as at the start of the year, which extends my Christmas and holiday celebrations. Now as a legal adult (yes, I bought a lottery ticket), I decided it is finally time to ditch the cheap Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow for... Continue Reading →

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