Beaded on a Budget: DIY Necklace

From a 14k carat gold bangle to a homemade necklace, jewelry completes any woman’s ensemble. Personally, I love receiving a compliment from a friend and being able to say that I actually made the item, when they inevitability ask where I purchased it. 

After seeing several jewelry retailers (primarily those gaining popularity throughInstagram), I have pondered the idea of making and selling jewelry. In the meantime, I simply make some pieces for myself from time to time. Most recently, I ordered pearl beads with large holes from Etsy and picked up some brown leather cord from Michael’s. Then, I just strung the beads on the leather cord, with random spacing, and tied knots on either side of the bead. After about 15 minutes, I was left with a simple yet striking piece of jewelry. 

Bridget Donahue, 2017.

What I love most about the newest DIY addition to my jewelry box is twofold. First, it only cost me about $15 to purchase the supplies (including shipping on the beads!). Secondly, I love that there are so many different ways I can wear the piece; whether I wrap it around my neck twice or tie the excess length in a knot, it always looks fabulous and carefree. 

Bridget Donahue, 2017.


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