Seamless Fashion: Prime Wardrobe

From food to fashion, Amazon has done it again. After announcing their purchase of Whole Foods last week, Amazon quickly introduced another new component to their growing empire— Prime Wardrobe. Amazon capitalized on the main reasons many consumers do not purchase clothing online- fit and sizing issues, complicated returns and hefty shipping fees. By... Continue Reading →

A Maxxinsta’s Delight

While shifts in consumer tastes and technological advancements have reinvented the face of retail, we are certainly not in a "retail apocalypse," contrary to popular belief. According to Mark Matthews of the National Retail Federation, "the narrative that retail is struggling — or even dying — is significantly overblown." Furthermore, one retailer in particular is... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Carrie Bradshaw

As I relax on vacation and binge watch numerous episodes of Sex & The City, I am reminded of Carrie Bradshaw's complete style evolution during each of the six seasons and the two films from 1998 to 2010. From a tight 90s cocktail dress in Season 1 to a pair of skinny denim jeans in... Continue Reading →

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