Fashionable & Functional: Flatform Sandals

Looking for a summer sandal that is both fashionable and functional? Look no further! As the proud owner of multiple pairs of flatform sandals, I can confidently say that these shoes are my “go-to” for almost every outfit. Whether at a family dinner where I am chasing my niece (who recently learned to crawl) or a night out in downtown Athens with my friends, flatform sandals give the illusion of a trendy wedge, with the comfort of a flip flop! Another amazing aspect of the summer’s hottest shoe? There are a variety of options, with several pairs priced below $100. To shop this look, click below!
Flatform Sandals


Now on summer vacation, I have been spending much of my days shopping. I stumbled upon a pair of MIA Elisha Gladiator Sandals in silver at TJ Maxx last week (shop other colors here) and I absolutely adore them! Go ahead and treat yourself to a pair of this summer’s hottest sandals; your feet will thank you!

Mary Kate Donahue, 2017. 


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