What To Wear: Semi-Formal Style

It’s that time of year again on The University of Georgia’s campus—semi-formal season! My roommate, Emily, is rocking a fabulous ensemble for a fraternity’s semi-formal. As a college student, Emily spends most of her time in t-shirts heading to class. Hence, dressing up for special occasions can be a time to show off a more sophisticated personal style.


When dressing for a semi-formal, the first step is to choose a fun, cocktail dress. This Fashionista picked a deep red frock with metallic beading and embellishments. With two thin straps and a boxy structure, the dress complimented Emily’s petite frame. Although this fun dress is the focus on the her look, the details complete the ensemble.

In order to both compliment the dress’s metallic beading and contrast it, Emily selected gold jewelry and black accents. By pairing gold hoops, gold rings and a gold choker, she added dainty details to her look. The Jenny Bird Collins Ave. Choker (which can be purchased online at Bijou Eliene) is certainly a conversation piece. The choker, which wraps around majority of her neck, includes groupings of tiny chains that hang in unison off a structured frame.


Jenny Bird Collins Ave. Choker

In addition to her dainty gold jewelry, Emily added a few black elements to her outfit. Black nail polish, black heels and a black druzy stone bracelet add a unique contrast. Her chunky heels crafted out of black suede and complete with an ankle strap add a chic element to her outfit. In addition, the Fashionista is rocking a black on black Suede and Stones wrap as a bracelet (which can be purchase on Etsy).

Clearly, picking a fun semi-formal dress is important, but it is also only the canvas for the look. The dainty and unique details of this look complete the ensemble, without being too distracting. As Coco Chanel once said, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Emily certainly followed this advice and added the perfect amount of embellishments. Before dressing for a semi-formal, be sure to both find a stylish dress and focus on the details!

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Gameday Essentials at UGA

 With October in full swing, football season is most certainly upon us. Here, at the University of Georgia, students, alumni and fans all eagerly await a Saturday in Athens. Although the Dawgs have not been playing too well, the team is in transition with a new head coach— Kirby Smart. Whether we walk out of Sanford Stadium with a triumphant win or a heartbreaking loss, looking stylish on Saturdays is of the utmost importance. Red and black dots the streets of Athens during any home game, portraying the fan’s loyalty and support. While just throwing on my red UGA jersey and a pair of cowboy boots is the easiest way to dress for gameday, collegiate women tend to dress up. Styling jewelry, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, face tattoos and red lipstick, any ensemble can be accented with plenty of red and black. Dressing for gameday has become such a big deal; therefore, most local Athens boutiques carry a “Gameday Collection,” which stock an abundance of red and black clothing. FringeCheeky PeachOn Cloud 9Red Dress Boutique and other local retailers have all contributed to the major interest in gameday clothing and accessories. What will you be wearing to ur next home game against Auburn University on November 12? GO DAWGS!
Made via Polyvore.


Photos of my friends and I enjoying our Saturdays in Athens.

Stylish at Seventeen Months: Princess Charlotte

With national spotlight constantly hovering over Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge (more colloquially known as Kate Middleton), she must ensure her daughter looks just as polished. Even at the tender age of seventeen months, Princess Charlotte has a closet that most toddlers (or their mothers) would covet. According to Monique Jessen of People, it is rare that such a young child “be credited with influencing fashion on a global scale, but Princess Charlotte is becoming quite the style icon.”

Similar to her mother, clothing that Princess Charlotte wears often sells out extremely quickly both in-stores and online. In fact, “a poll released last week claimed that 1 in every 5 parents say they consider Princess Charlotte to be a major style icon for their children – and the shopping statistics back it up,” according to Emma Spedding of The Telegraph. Coined as the “Princess Charlotte Effect,” this tiny tot’s classic, tasteful style becomes extremely popular in a minuscule amount of time. Certainly, Princess Charlotte’s clothing and overall style appeals to parents around the globe.

Take a look at some of Princess Charlotte’s most iconic looks!

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