Fall 2016: Trends

With the official start of fall around the corner, it is time to be alert to this season’s hottest trends. With some research from PopSugar and StyleCaster and the input of my sorority sisters, I have outlined some trends to look out for in the coming months.
Fall 2016: Trends
Fall signfies a time to wear chunky knits, boots and deeper colors. This season some trends to take advantage of stem from both the runway and street style. Check them out!

Chokers // Chokers are making a comeback! In addition to the black, tattoo-like chokers popular in the 90s, other styles are being crafted. From velvet to suede and metal to lace, chokers of all materials and styles are back and better than ever!

Off The Shoulder // Although this trend has been around all summer, the off the shoulder silhouette will continue into fall. This daring neckline can give any ensemble a little edge. For fall, the silhouette is seen in more luxe fabrics, such as suede, velvet and denim.

Bow Tie Neckline // The versatility of the bow tie neckline is what makes it stand out. On either a blouse or a dress, the bow can remain tied for work and then be untied for happy hour or dinner. In addition, there are many ways to tie the neck and style the garment.

Florals // Who doesn’t love a statement, floral piece? For fall 2016, florals with deep reds, blush and neutrals are all the rage. Whether a dress, blouse or a pair of pumps, a floral print can complete any look.

Shades of Tan // Neutrals compliment any look and work in almost any silhouette. This season, tan is the hot neutral! Both a deep tan and a faded tan will keep any ensemble both chic and trendy.

Denim Skirts // Just like choker, denim skirts are also making a comeback with new, interesting twists. Details like fringe, buttons and zippers give denim skirts a refreshed look and perfect for this season.

Metallics // Wearing a garment with a little metallic sheen is always fun and this season is the time to do it! Making a metallic piece the focal part of the outfit is key, but feel free to experiment with different shades of gold, silver and bronze.

In addition to these trends, do not hesitate to try out some of the season’s other trends such as, leather, blush pink, plaid, paint suits, ruffles, turtlenecks and fur. Play with your closet and have fun with new and daring trends!


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