Fashion in the Classroom

As a second year fashion merchandising major at the University of Georgia, I have begun to experience fashion in a classroom setting. Last semester, I was enrolled in TXMI 3210- The Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising. UGA Bulletin describes the course as an “introduction to the trends and influence of fashion in society and review of the international and domestic fashion resources. Identifies the various product categories in fashion merchandising and discusses the innovative processes that sustain the fashion business. Analysis of how fashion is conceived, marketed, and sold.” Additionally, this semester I am enrolled in another fashion merchandising course. TXMI 4240, Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising, is an “overview of promotion practices in the apparel design, product development, manufacturing, and retail merchandising environment, including promotion planning and budgeting, special event organization, advertising, public relations, publicity, fashion show production, and visual merchandising,” according to UGA Bulletin.

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Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

In addition to fashion merchandising courses, I am also enrolled in an entrepreneurship course- FACS 2011. FACS 2011, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, is “an introductory course targeted to students interested in creating and growing their own businesses and will serve as the foundation for the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program” as defined by UGA Bulletin. Even though I have just started taking courses pertaining to my major, classes are much more enjoyable. Most college students change their major at least once, but I am convinced that fashion merchandising is the right fit for me. Follow me on my academic journey, as I study and learn about the fashion industry to reach my long-term goals with a career in fashion.


Mary Kate Donahue, 2016


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