Sheila Fajl’s Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring has lived quite a transformative life in fashion. After being paired with tie dye and fringe in the 70s, created in many colors of plastic in the 80s and worn with Juicy Couture sweatsuits in the 90s, the hoop earring has changed with fashion. Nowadays, hoop earrings are ever so trendy— especially those pairs that are more simple and minimalistic.

After simply buying my thin gold hoops at Target or Claire’s (making my 8-year-old self proud), I decided to purchase a more sophisticated, durable pair of hoop earrings. Sheila Fajl’s “Everybody’s Favorite Hoops” in brushed gold are now my go-to earrings. In addition, Sheila Fajl offers other styles such as the “Perfect Hoops,” the “Liana Hoops” and the “Jillian Hoops” in gold, silver and rose gold. Because of the hoops lightweight nature and the fact that they have a post and earring back, I can hardly tell I am wearing sizable hoop earrings.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Instead of ordering through Sheila Fajl’s website, I decided to order my hoops from Bijou Eliene, an online jewelry retailer. The fabulous boutique currently offers a sale on the Sheila Fajl “Everybody’s Favorite Hoops” for $66, instead of $73. In addition to my beloved Sheila Fajl earrings, Bijou Eliene offers an array of fun, statement jewelry.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Hoop earrings have transcended time, and this pair is trendy at the moment. Personally, I think these simple, statement earrings will be a trend for years to come, as the compliment any outfit. Go ahead and order yourself a pair…I know you want to!


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