TOTE-ally Adorable

Summer 2016 is certainly in full swing, which means long days at the pool, on the beach, touring new cities, on a plane, having picnics, etc. Whatever the activity may be, every girl needs a go-to tote bag to “carry” her through the hectic summer days. Whether I’m jetting off to pick up the children I nanny for or visiting friends who work on Capitol Hill, I can stuff my tote with all the essentials- wallet, keys, sunglasses, deodorant, snacks, etc. There is always room in a tote!
Tote-ally Adorable
My go-to tote bag is a nude Kate Spade with fluorescent yellow lining. With some of my high school graduation money and a 70% sale at the Kate Spade outlet, I purchased my beloved tote last summer and have used it constantly since then.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Interested in purchasing a tote? Click and check out some of my favorite styles for every budget found above! Not only is a tote bag  adorable and also functional, but a great investment as a well-made tote should last you for years on end. Go ahead and treat yourself to  a new tote bag, you “tote-ally” will not be sorry!

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