Sheila Fajl’s Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring has lived quite a transformative life in fashion. After being paired with tie dye and fringe in the 70s, created in many colors of plastic in the 80s and worn with Juicy Couture sweatsuits in the 90s, the hoop earring has changed with fashion. Nowadays, hoop earrings are ever so trendy— especially those pairs that are more simple and minimalistic.

After simply buying my thin gold hoops at Target or Claire’s (making my 8-year-old self proud), I decided to purchase a more sophisticated, durable pair of hoop earrings. Sheila Fajl’s “Everybody’s Favorite Hoops” in brushed gold are now my go-to earrings. In addition, Sheila Fajl offers other styles such as the “Perfect Hoops,” the “Liana Hoops” and the “Jillian Hoops” in gold, silver and rose gold. Because of the hoops lightweight nature and the fact that they have a post and earring back, I can hardly tell I am wearing sizable hoop earrings.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Instead of ordering through Sheila Fajl’s website, I decided to order my hoops from Bijou Eliene, an online jewelry retailer. The fabulous boutique currently offers a sale on the Sheila Fajl “Everybody’s Favorite Hoops” for $66, instead of $73. In addition to my beloved Sheila Fajl earrings, Bijou Eliene offers an array of fun, statement jewelry.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Hoop earrings have transcended time, and this pair is trendy at the moment. Personally, I think these simple, statement earrings will be a trend for years to come, as the compliment any outfit. Go ahead and order yourself a pair…I know you want to!


Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Actions often speak louder than words. If you feel the need to clearly (and politely) send a message of avoidance, do so with the trendy “cold shoulder” look. Whether you are sporting a dress, top or romper, the off the shoulder silhouette is quite unique and popular for summer 2016, not to mention flattering, as all women have beautiful collarbones to show off!

Personally, I own a quite a few off the shoulder tops. Pictured below, I am donning the Chelsea28 Off the Shoulder Chambray Top from Nordstrom, J. Crew white jeans and OTBT Bushnell wedges.

Treat yourself to a shopping trip (whether to your local boutiques or on your computer) and stock up on the hottest trend in order to give the coldest shoulder !
Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Athleisure: A Trend That’s Here To Stay

Athleisure refers to casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing (almost) everything else, as defined by Merriam-Webster. Within the last few years, people have become increasingly more aware of their health and being active. Athleisure allows people to lead a healthier lifestyle, while still partaking in their daily activities. In the 1950s, a woman would put on her workout clothing to take a walk around the neighborhood, then shower and put on a dressier outfit before heading to the grocery store, out to lunch, etc. Presently, a woman can slip into her leggings, tank top and sneakers to hit the gym, shopping mall, a restaurant or anywhere that her day takes her! Athleisure, which many predicted to be a fleeting trend, has proven its permanence with its utter practicality and versatility.
The stylish athletic gear promotes healthy living and active lifestyles. For example, as a college student, I put on athleisure every morning on y way to class. Because I am comfortable in shorts and a tank top (especially in the Georgia heat) and my sneakers, I am more apt to walk from class to class rather than riding the bus. In addition, once I finish my classes for the day, I am already dressed for the gym. Therefore, I have no need to return to my dorm before going to exercise.

The success of athleisure can also be seen in the multitude of designers and celebrities who have produced trendy, athletic clothing lines. Retailers like Lululemon, Nike, Athleta and Adidas specialize in athleisure. More exclusive lines such as, Ivy Park (co-founded by Beyonce), Fabletics by Kate Hudson and CALIA by Carrie Underwood were created as a result of athleisure’s rising popularity. Because athleisure started roughly around 2012, it is drifting further away from an impermanent trend to a lasting lifestyle.

Athleisure: A Trend That's Here To Stay

These Wedges Were Made For Walking

Whether with a pair of jeans for a night out or a sundress for a Sunday brunch, these wedges compliment any ensemble. These Off The Beaten Track Bushnell Wedges (sold at retailers like Nordstorm, Zappos and OTBT’s own website) are the perfect combination of style and comfort. The Bushnell features a large platform, moderate incline and stretchy, making them incredibly versatile. In addition, the shoes are made of durable yet comfortable materials. The wedges come in multiple colors- I have the gold and am considering purchasing a second pair.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

 The only negative thing I have to stay about the OTBT Bushnell Wedge is how quickly the platform became damaged. Granted, I have worn my wedges quite a bit since I bought them in Jaunary, but I was disappointed to see them splitting at the sole after only five wears. Thankfully, I purchased my Bushnell Wedges through Nordstrom, who sent me a new pair free of charge, after I sent back my original pair. Overall, the OTBT Bushnell Wedges are certainly an investment- a trendy, versatile, comfortable investment!

Wedding Style: Something Blue

For my extended family, this past year has been filled with weddings! First, my cousin, then my aunt, followed by my sister (for whom I had the honor of being a bridesmaid) and most recently, another cousin. With all these joyous family events, it is important to always look fabulous while celebrating the newlyweds.

This past weekend, my cousin Mark married Ginny in Minneapolis, MN. Both the ceremony and reception were wonderful and the bride looked beautiful. As a guest, I chose to wear one of the seasons newest trends- a dress with a tea length lace overlay. Celebrities, such as Bella Thorne and Miranda Kerr, have been spotted wearing similar ensembles. The nude sheath coupled with a longer, lace overlay makes the piece seem more elegant, while still light and summery.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016

Absolutely Fabulous Beige and Blue Midi Dress from Lulus, $69

Purchased from Lulus, this blue lace frock was beyond perfect for a cool, July 16 wedding. Paired with Vince Camuto Kamella Leather Strappy Open-Toed Sandals in tan (no longer available) and a nude envelope clutch (borrowed from my sister), the dress certainly was the focus of my outfit. In addition, I wore a simple monogram necklace, Sheila Fajl Everybody’s Favorite Hoops (on sale right now at Bijou Eliene), a gold cuff and two gold bangles on the other wrist. Once my shoes came off, the dress was perfect to dance away the night!

Shop the look with some of these similar dresses from Goodnight Macaroon,  Lulus, Asos, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Cheers to wedding season!

TOTE-ally Adorable

Summer 2016 is certainly in full swing, which means long days at the pool, on the beach, touring new cities, on a plane, having picnics, etc. Whatever the activity may be, every girl needs a go-to tote bag to “carry” her through the hectic summer days. Whether I’m jetting off to pick up the children I nanny for or visiting friends who work on Capitol Hill, I can stuff my tote with all the essentials- wallet, keys, sunglasses, deodorant, snacks, etc. There is always room in a tote!
Tote-ally Adorable
My go-to tote bag is a nude Kate Spade with fluorescent yellow lining. With some of my high school graduation money and a 70% sale at the Kate Spade outlet, I purchased my beloved tote last summer and have used it constantly since then.

Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Interested in purchasing a tote? Click and check out some of my favorite styles for every budget found above! Not only is a tote bag  adorable and also functional, but a great investment as a well-made tote should last you for years on end. Go ahead and treat yourself to  a new tote bag, you “tote-ally” will not be sorry!