Shopping From The Sofa: Websites I’m Loving

While I do love strolling down the aisles at Nordstrom or trying on several pairs of shoes at DSW, there is also something quite convenient about online shopping. Sitting in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in my hand, I found myself engulfed in an activity I do best- online shopping. Considering the new summer trends and ease of ordering, below you will find a list of online retailers that I’m loving right now. Don’t hesitate to let comment your favorites, too!

  1. Revolve // With a variety of prices for any budget and the hottest trends in clothing, bags, shoes and jewelry, Revolve can be your one-stop-shop for all your fashionable needs this summer.
  2. Lulus // When you are in need of a dress for a specific occasion, chances are Lulus will have exactly what you are in search of. In fact, I currently have a dress in the mail from Lulus that I am hoping to wear to my cousin’s wedding this July!
  3. Tobi // Who doesn’t love great fashion and an even better deal? Tobi offers 50% your first order after signing up for their emails, and they are constantly have different promotions. Check it out!
  4. Asos // A British company, Asos, carries a wide range of clothing in unique styles, several sizes and varied prices. Whether you are searching for a specific item or simply perusing, Asos is certainly a place to look.
  5. Forever21 // The closer I approach age twenty-one, the more I am starting to realize that Forever21 is not a place I will be shopping the rest of my life. But, I do still find the occasional trendy piece at a great price. Forever21 is most definitely the best for any “fast-fashion” needs.
  6. ModCloth // Personally, I don’t shop at ModCloth often, but I do have a few cocktail dresses from the website that usually earn me many compliments. Their merchandise is unique and whimsical with a vintage twist, which can certainly make you stand out!
  7. Romwe // Like Forever21, Romwe is another great online retailer for “fast-fashion” pieces. They merchandise is certainly very low-budget, but also not top-of-the-line quality, which makes their pieces great for trends and items you might not keep in your closet for more than a year.
  8. H&M // I much prefer shopping at H&M online rather than in their brick and mortar stores, as their sheer volume of merchandise usually overwhelms me. Therefore, the online experience at H&M is usually much more enjoyable!

Happy shopping!



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