Suede & Stones

Looking for your summer statement piece? Well, I certainly have the versatile bauble for you! Suede & Stones is an Etsy-based, jewelry company, which I discovered through Instagram.  I have been following the company on social media for a few months and last week I finally decided to order one of the fabulous designs.


Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

Suede & Stones attaches a variation of agate stones, horns, arrowheads, shark teeth and other unique mediums to different colored suede on either side. Therefore, some of the pieces can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet. With all products under $30, it is quite affordable to look incredibly chic!


Mary Kate Donahue, 2016.

As the proud owner of a Gray x Gray Wrap, I have already worn it multiple times- as a bracelet, longer necklace and even a choker. Who knows; maybe even a second product is in my near future (shopaholicism is real thing, my friends). Check out Suede & Stones on Instagram and Etsy and don’t forget to place an order ASAP to stay on trend this summer!


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