Your Collegiate Major: Just How MAJOR Is It?

Every college student can certainly affirm that the question “what’s your major?” comes up in small talk quite often. For many (at least during their freshman year), the response is a long-winded explanation of why they have yet to declare a major. For others, they are among the thousands of  Biology or Business majors. For me, my answer is unique and simple— Fashion Merchandising.


After scrolling through Pinterest and reading a headline—“5 Common Misconceptions About Fashion Merchandising Majors”— I had to delve into the article. Personally, fashion merchandising is all I have ever dreamed of studying, but I certainly understand how many people are simply confused (and even skeptical) by the concept. Without the area of study, the fashion world would be lacking some of its finest!


So what exactly is fashion merchandising? A broad term, fashion merchandising encompasses the business side of the fashion industry. Professionals with a fashion merchandising career still have a keen sense of style, yet also have a brain for the business world. Some of the several careers that an individual with a fashion merchandising degree can pursue include; an assistant buyer, a product line manager, a visual merchandiser, a design development coordinator or an market research trainee, among others.


What sparked my interest in fashion merchandising? To be completely honest, my love of Elle Woods from a very young age probably has a least a bit of an impact.tumblr_nett31iPQx1rqauelo1_250 Legally Blonde was the first PG-13 movie I saw— at the age of five! Mesmerized by Elle’s lifestyle—full of shopping, pink and sorority sisters— I was determined to grow up and emulate her. On the surface, Elle seemed exciting to my five-year old self; yet, on a deeper level, Elle Woods is a woman with quite a strong intellect. By working incredibly hard to be admitted to Harvard Law School, speaking her mind, commanding respect and never letting a man get in her way,tumblr_n5bmfueGeC1qk4fe1o10_r1_250 Elle Woods was an inspiration to me from the beginning. Combined with my affinity for shopping and sheer fascination with the fashion world, I knew I had to follow Elle’s footsteps and study fashion merchandising. My eighteen-year old self is quite proud to say that I am currently fulfilling my five-year old self’s dream as a fashion merchandising student at the University of Georgia.

I may have online shopped during every Statistics lecture this semester and I don’t always dress to impress, but fashion is what I love. My classes may not be as challenging as a Pre-Med student, but—whether people understand it or not— I am pursuing one of my deepest and most profound dreams. Who knows where the next four years in this major will take me, but I have faith that I will end up doing something that I truly enjoy.


Choose a job you love, and you will neverhave to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


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