Be Your Own Beach Babe

It’s summer: put down those heated styling tools and pick up Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe products. Both the texturing hair cream and texturizing sea salt spray can make any hair type go from boring to beachy in a matter of seconds. Personally, I heat style my hair quite often from September to May; therefore, once June rolls around, I love to give my hair a much needed break.

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

With my naturally curly hair, the Beach Babe products enhance my natural curl. On a more straight textured hair, the products give a fresh-out-of-the-ocean wave. Aside from the effortlessly beautiful effect of the Beach Babe products, they make getting ready much quicker! Forget the blow dryer and flat iron; just step out of the shower and run a little Beach Babe through your tosseled locks.

 Ocean hair? No! Curls courtesy of Beach Babe products? Yes; this stuff really works wonders!

© Kathleen Donahue, 2015


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