March Madness

Growing up with a basketball-fanatic for a mother has taught me to both love and hate the NCAA March Madness. I hate that the TV is constantly controlled by basketball games for over a week, but I love the friendly competition of our family bracket pool. Personally, I know little about the NCAA teams and who has the best odds of continuing on in the March Madness. When it comes time for me to fill out I bracket, I have two main strategies (1) choose the highest seed teams and have the #1 teams from each region meet at the Final Four or (2) choose the team with the cutest uniforms.

This year, I clearly chose the latter! Who wouldn’t want to choose a winning team based on their attention to school colors and uniform design?! As tonight, I am currently winning my family’s bracket pool!! I guess looking good on the court might make the players that much better!

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

After much consideration of color, style and versatility, I decided on Kentucky, UNC, UGA and Duke for the Final Four of basketball fashion. Kentucky and Duke both have rich royal blue uniforms, which truly stand out on the court. As a future Georgia bulldog, I had to show allegiance to the uniforms I will be seeing on campus for the next four years. I do love red and black together! But, of course, UNC Chapel Hill never seems to disappoint. Their carolina blue uniforms with the unique argyle design down the sides make them the clear winner.

©  Yahoo! Sports

© Yahoo! Sports

Who knows? Maybe the fashionista will win it all!


One thought on “March Madness

  1. K /donahue says:

    From your basketball crazed mother, I love your cute uniform bracket and will go that route next year:) You are ont something I believe!

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