London in Brooklyn

Stacy London is back…and better than ever! London recently launched a new makeover show on TLC- Love, Lust or Run. Personally, I found What Not To Wear to be more entertaining, but I will certainly give the show a chance. Apart from her life on television, Refinery29 just released an extensive interview with London and a tour of her beautiful Brooklyn apartment, giving insight into London’s character aside from her weekly cameos on TLC. Chloe Daly writes that “it was airy, fluid, and filled with objects that seemed carefully considered, not staged by a decorator” (Refinery 29).

© Winnie Au

© Winnie Au

The clean, white lines of London’s apartment compliment her unique artwork (and even her dinosaur collection)! After perusing the tour of London’s pad, I have some serious closet envy. How does this fashion guru make room for new pieces each season? Well, London tells Refinery 29, “‘I have a sale every year. Everything is $40, and whatever I make I match and then donate to the animal-rescue center.'”


© Winnie Au

In reponse to London’s new show and therefore her new persona, she embraces fashion risks now, more than ever. She reveals that “there is a way to be creative, to be free-spirited while flattering your body” (Refinery 29), and I could not agree more!

© Winnie Au

© Winnie Au

Don’t forget to head on over to Refinery29 to catch the full interview and have your breath taken away as you tour London’s apartment!


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