Remembering Vince Camuto

“I’m passionate about creating a product that women really want…infusing great style comfort and unparalleled value, for every stage of her life.” -Vince Camuto

Every time I open another gray and fuchsia Vince Camuto shoe box, that eloquent quote graces the lid. Unfortunately, Camuto, age 78, recently died peacefully in his home as a result of prostate cancer. Despite this tragic loss, Camuto certainly left a mark on the fashion world. According to Famous Fashion Designers, Camuto co-founded Nine West in 1978, and became the creative director of the label. Later, in 2001, Camuto launched the Camuto Group which “provides services like design, production, marketing and sourcing to retail store owners” (Famous Fashion Designers). By 2005, Camuto had introduced his own footwear collection under his own name- Vince Camuto– the brand we all know and love today.

© Women's Wear Daily

© Women’s Wear Daily

Camuto remains renowned for his beautiful footwear, but he was also never afraid to take a risk and stray from shoes, creating handbags, jewelry, apparel, fragrances, and much more. “Although, [Camuto] specializes in the art of shoe making, he explored new areas of fashion products in order to give full satisfaction to his female customers. His concept about design involves style, innovation and excellence” (Famous Fashion Designers). Personally, I find Vince Camuto shoes extremely comfortable, fashion-forward, and affordable. In fact, I have three pairs of his fabulous footwear in my closet at the moment. Take a look!

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2015

 Tavi Zipper Boot in Lead / Carlotte Suede Heels in Bright Blue / Fantasia Knee High Boots in Brown

Aside from Camuto’s achievements under his own label, he also helped fellow designers create beautiful products. For example, in 2006, “he partnered with Tory Burch to launch her footwear collection, collaborating with Burch to create the iconic ‘Reva’ ballet flat” (Camuto Group). Without the genius of Camuto, my shoe collection would certainly be lacking!

© Camuto Group

© Camuto Group

Cheers to a successful empire, Camuto! You will be missed!

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