The New Dream Team: Target & Lilly Pulitzer

Have you heard? If you’re a loyal Lilly Pulitzer Instagram follower than you most certainly have! On April 19 (only 102 days away), Target will be launching their Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. According to A Bullseye View, “the limited-edition collection features 15 exclusive prints, which are original works of art, created by Lilly Pulitzer artists specifically for this modern collaboration.” From now on, a trip to target will feel like a luxury stroll down Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL.

©  Lilly Pulitzer Instagram

© Lilly Pulitzer Instagram

Personally, I never have too much luck in the clothing department at Target (but I still manage to leave there with several shopping bags), and I’m hoping this new collaboration will offer variety to their garments. If not, there will certainly be a host of other bright, bold, and printed items to choose from: “the 250-piece collection includes apparel, accessories and shoes for women and girls, as well as home accents, outdoor entertaining accessories, beach gear, travel essentials and more” (A Bullseye View). Speaking of home accents, I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for some fabulous bedding. Can you say dorm room decor? I most definitely see the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

© A Bullseye View

© A Bullseye View

© A Bullseye View

© A Bullseye View

I cannot wait to see what this partnership has in store, but I’m confident we will not be disappointed by the merchandise. The only hesitation I have about the whole operation is the fact that Jackie Kennedy and Lilly Pulitzer, herself, would not approve. By making the brand available at a lower-end, more prevalent retailer, Lilly runs the risk of being diminished. Although, Tory Burch once partnered with Target and her brand has flourished since then; therefore, I have little worries for Lilly!  I’m sure many more people will make a splash and buy some Lilly from Target, but those who have been buying the brand for years (like my family and I) will continue to stay loyal to the original line, as well as the Target partnership.

© Target Twitter

© Target Twitter

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