Trends Come & Go; Women Stay The Same

Slim waist, athletic arms, flat stomach, large boobs…society sends signals to women everyday that these traits are most desired in twenty-first century America. But how did we get to this point? Who started this trend? How did these characteristics become popular? Interestingly enough, for over three thousand years women have been overly concerned with fitting... Continue Reading →

Remembering Vince Camuto

"I'm passionate about creating a product that women really want…infusing great style comfort and unparalleled value, for every stage of her life." -Vince Camuto Every time I open another gray and fuchsia Vince Camuto shoe box, that eloquent quote graces the lid. Unfortunately, Camuto, age 78, recently died peacefully in his home as a result of prostate... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes at J. Crew

Ever wondered how that fabulous pair of vibrant chino shorts or crisp lace blouse made its way into your closet? Well, J. Crew has captured the process! From the studio, to the fabric supplier, to the patern-maker and beyond, the clothing we consume everyday has lived a complex life before it settles in a perfectly... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor Bracketology

Happy Monday! While most people dread Mondays, I love them; especially when I have something to look forward to all day. If you are not watching The Bachelor on Mondays, then you are missing out! Season 19, with Chris Soules, is better than ever! For the first time in The Bachelor history, Chris was introduced to 30... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me: Going Naked

2015 is all about going Naked…as in the cosmetic product! My birthday (January 8) comes as at the start of the year, which extends my Christmas and holiday celebrations. Now as a legal adult (yes, I bought a lottery ticket), I decided it is finally time to ditch the cheap Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow for... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching: House of DVF

What do long weekends call for? Besides catching up with friends, shopping and sleeping, they are all about binge watching your favorite shows! Although I am usually a Netflix enthusiast, I recently found a full series On Demand- House of DVF. Of course I had heard of the wonderful Diane von Furstenberg prior to the... Continue Reading →

Red Carpet Fashion: The Highs & Lows

If you did not spend your Sunday night curled up on the couch watching the Golden Globes, then you are doing it all wrong! This Fashionista can certainly proclaim that I indeed watched the full five hours of both red carpet interviews and then the award show, itself. Of course, the nominees and Golden Globe... Continue Reading →

The New Dream Team: Target & Lilly Pulitzer

Have you heard? If you're a loyal Lilly Pulitzer Instagram follower than you most certainly have! On April 19 (only 102 days away), Target will be launching their Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. According to A Bullseye View, "the limited-edition collection features 15 exclusive prints, which are original works of art, created by Lilly Pulitzer... Continue Reading →

From My Shelves: The Fashion Book

The Fashion Book…more like the Fashion Bible! Phaidon has managed to include over 200 years of fashion in a beautiful little book that fits in any woman's handbag. From designers, models, and icons to photographers and even prestigious fashion colleges, The Fashion Book covers the key names in the fashion world in a mere 571 pages.... Continue Reading →

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