Dressing Well…For Me, Myself & I

Scrolling through Facebook, I noticed an enticing story shared by a friend. Elite Daily, a popular news source for “millennials,”recently posted an article entitled How Dressing Well Actually Affects All Areas Of Your Life Positively by Sheena Amin. Paragraph after paragraph, I was feeling increasingly connected to Amin and her cause. Amin reaffirms that people, women in particular, do not dress up to impress others. Instead, people put on their favorite pair of skinny jeans and a beautiful blouse for themselves. Amin values portraying the best version of oneself, as she states, “I’m definitely not saying that dressing well makes a person, but it certainly affects how someone feels about him or herself. No one is more conscious of your physical appearance than you.”

Speaking from personal experience, I most certainly feel better about myself on the days I decide to take off the old pair of sweatpants I slept in and slip on a more attractive ensemble. Amin’s article reminded me of my college essay. The essay that helped my acceptance into four universities that offer a major in Fashion Merchandising. The essay was my one opportunity to share my voice with a group on intimidating college representatives sitting around a large, round table…and, clearly, it helped my admission! The following 600-word essay is a glimpse into my intellect, spirit, and what I value most…including this blog. Enjoy!


Her charm was just that she always stood out against her attire, that her dress could never be noticeable on her; it was only a frame, and all that was seen was she.—Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

With a giant bowl of freshly popped popcorn on the table, my three sisters, my mother and I could barely contain our excitement on Friday nights. Once the clock struck nine, we turned our undivided attention to the television. As the youngest of four girls, I especially looked forward to Friday nights because my mom allowed me to stay up past my bedtime in order to watch my favorite show—What Not to Wear. Even at the age of six, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Stacy London and Clinton Kelly help women ditch their tired wardrobes for clothes that empower them to feel more confident and highlight their unique and individual attributes.

Now at age seventeen, I refuse to settle for simply watching the experts inspire women; I have the urge to influence others, myself. Despite the fact that the only people I might be influencing are my parents, my sisters, and a few loyal followers, I share my inspirations and opinions from the fashion world on my blog—Confessions of a Preppy Fashionista (www.talktrendytomeplz.wordpress.com). Between research, formatting, and self-imposed deadlines, keeping a blog takes effort.  Passionate about fashion and how it affects society, I don’t find such effort tedious; on the contrary, I find it extremely rewarding. In a way, a post on my blog is essentially a journey into my character. Behind that computer screen is a living, breathing girl who simply made a commitment to communicate her outlooks. Through such communication I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other bloggers and readers who share their style and inspirations with me. Not only has blogging provided me with a creative outlet, but it has bolstered my social media skills. Having amassed 120 followers on the Instagram account linked with my blog (@fashionista_mkd) in under six weeks, social media provides the ideal way to connect and collaborate with others’ who share my interests. Not only do I address trivial aspects of the fashion world such as this season’s hot color, but I also make a point to promote natural beauty.

Similarly, as described in the epigraph, behind Anna Karenina’s luxurious gown, lies an authentic woman. Her beauty in that elegant dress is only skin deep; below rests an independent, spirited, woman, notorious in seventeenth century Russian society. Although fashion then was quite different than it is today (in terms of the garments themselves), one aspect of style has not changed: how women desire to present themselves. Women want to be seen for their beauty—inside and out—not simply have their garments regarded as beautiful. True and palpable beauty is not material—found in clothing—but it comes from within. The clothing and adornments women use to enhance their natural beauty simply emphasize the best version of themselves.

                  From my six-year-old self who never missed an episode of What Not to Wear, to my now seventeen-year-old self who sifts through Vogue every night before bed, fashion has always been my greatest passion. Although not much has changed in the last eleven years, one clear distinction distinguishes my contemporary self. As a mere child I was mesmerized with clothing itself. Presently, with a deeper appreciation of fashion and society, I value the brains behind the clothing more above all. How women envision themselves in beautiful clothing—the best version of themselves—is truly empowering. I would not trade my Friday night ritual for anything.


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