A Very Merry Monogrammed Christmas

Santa sure knows the way to my heart…through those three little letters that I call my own! From necklaces and earrings to sweatshirts, I found several monogrammed items under the tree. More importantly, I found a monogramming machine! Words cannot begin to describe how surprised I was to find such a fabulous gift.

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

I first learned to sew from my mother, and I’ve loved it ever since. For as long as I can remember all my Halloween costumes and sisters’ matching Easter dresses have been handmaid by my mother on our 30 year old sewing machine. Therefore, she decided it was time to upgrade our machine…and why not chose one with a monogramming capability?!

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

The Brother SE400 is the perfect fit for those who want a great bang for their buck. This budget-friendly sewing and embroidery machine cannot do everything, but that’s totally fine with my mother and I. Whether it’s hemming a pair of my father’s pants or adding a simple monogram to a handtowel, the Brother SE400 is perfect for us!

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

As the fashionista and monogram-queen of my household, I have already taken over the machine and used to to personalize anything and everything in sight. Unfortunately, the Brother SE400 did not come with any monogram fonts included, so I decided to purchase my favorites online (http://www.8clawsandapaw.com). Since then, I’ve spent all waking hours in the basement spicing up headbands, pillowcases, undies, and beyond! Keep your eye our for some DIY projects from the fashionista and may your 2015 be filled with happiness, peace, and monograms!


5 thoughts on “A Very Merry Monogrammed Christmas

  1. Jade says:

    I to got this wonderful machine for Christmas. I would say I’m a beginner sewer. I know the basics. However machine embroidery is totally new to me. For the designs you’ve done so far. Did you use a software with your machine? I can’t seem to figure out what all I need to get started monogrammong. Any tips you’d care to share would be wonderful!

    • mkd108 says:

      Hi Jade! I’m so happy you’re interested in monogramming with your machine! I found a wonderful blog (http://www.brotherse400.com) dedicated to the Brother SE400, so it can answer any of your questions. Even though the user manual says the machine is only compatible with PCs, my Mac has been working just fine. If you are a PC user, I’m afraid I won’t be too helpful, but as for the Mac, I have figured it out quite well. I downloaded (for free) “NeedleWorks” in order to open the PES files, and break down the zipped files. I purchased additional fonts and monograms from http://www.8clawsandapaw.com. Then, I also downloaded “StitchBuddy” (a free trial before purchasing the full software) to combine the individual letters. Getting used to it all was time-consuming, but once you figure it out, you will be able to embroider items quickly and easily! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Jade says:

        Thank you so much! You’ve been beyond useful! I to have a Mac so figuring how to use everything with it has been one hurdle! I’m excited to get started! Your stuff looks amazing btw!!!

      • mkd108 says:

        Don’t worry it took me a while to figure that out! So you’ll want to open all three PES files and then copy and paste the left and right letters onto the file of the middle letter. To copy and paste, click “edit,” “select all,” and “copy.” Then open the middle letter file, and click “edit” then “paste.”

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