RTR Snags a Spot on M Street

One of Gerorgetown’s most beloved new additions- Rent the Runway. The popular dress rental site has become exceedingly quick and simple to use. From cocktail dresses, black tie ball-gowns and even accessories, Rent the Runway has a vast selection of of attire for any occasion. In my eyes, there is just one hole in the process. As with any online shopping purchase, you can’t try on the garments until the mailman drops it on your doorstep. With a rental for a wedding, cocktail party or school formal, you most likely end up receiving your dress on the day of the event!

© Rent the Runway

© Rent the Runway

The new M Street addition solves any and all problems with RTR’s operation! Although the storefront is only blocks away from me, I have yet to visit. But, once my school’s formal rolls around I’m sure I will take a trip to Rent the Runway. Now that you can choose from a wide selection of gorgeous gowns AND try them on prior to a rental, you can have the best of both worlds!

© Rent the Runway

© Rent the Runway

Not to mention, the style of the store certainly reflects the beauty of the dresses! I cannot wait to walk through the doors of the storefront and see what lies within the racks. Keep an eye on my Instagram (@fashionista_mkd) to see when I finally make the trip!


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