Wandering with Wintour: A Vogue Video

From boredom to procrastination, the Internet is a helpful (or hindering) friend. Whenever I want to put off my work or restrain going to sleep (which I instantly regret once my alarm sounds), I turn to Vogue Videos. Sneak peaks of design studios, interviews with designers, and the “73 Questions” segment, Vogue Videos know how to capture an audience.

As a loyal Vogue follower, I was ecstatic to find a “73 Questions” with Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue. Such a casual and candid interview, this episode gave life to the magazine, through Wintour. Holding a preconceived notion from movies like The Devil Wears Prada, I realized that “the fashion world” is, in fact, not so aloof and abrasive. Seeing the Vogue offices and hearing Wintour’s responses makes Vogue seem more real and personal than my preconceived notion.

Enjoy this fabulous interview with Anna Wintour, as she wanders through the offices of Vogue. And, of course, binge watch all the rest!

©  Forbes

© Forbes


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