To be honest with you, I usually loathe studying and analyzing poetry. Recently I remembered one of my very few fond memories of poetry, and decided to give it another try. At the end of my sophomore year, my fabulous English teacher challenged us present and analyze a poem for a poetry explication. Because we... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock: Time to Shop

Looking at my watch and counting down the minutes until I was free to leave work, I couldn't believe only 5 minutes had passed since I last checked. Twenty minutes later, my watch still read 8:35pm and I knew that it had gone to its eternal resting place in watch heaven. Well, at least its... Continue Reading →

Monogram Alert: Keychains

On the hunt for the perfect gift for any woman? Especially one who looses her keys quite often? Look no further! These acrylic tortoise monogrammed keychains are my go-to gift for any fabulous lady in my life. I recently gifted them to numerous friends for their high school graduations, and of courseā€¦ I HAD to... Continue Reading →

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