To be honest with you, I usually loathe studying and analyzing poetry. Recently I remembered one of my very few fond memories of poetry, and decided to give it another try. At the end of my sophomore year, my fabulous English teacher challenged us present and analyze a poem for a poetry explication. Because we were able to choose a poem from an assinged collection, I fell in love with Delight in Disorder. Following the poem, I’ve shared some of my thoughts from the beautiful and poignant piece.

Delight in Disorder 

A sweet disorder in the dress
Kindles in clothes a wantonness;
A lawn about the shoulders thrown
Into a fine distraction;
An erring lace, which here and there
Enthrals the crimson stomacher;
A cuff neglectful, and thereby
Ribbons to flow confusedly;
A winning wave, deserving note,
In the tempestuous petticoat;
A careless shoe-string, in whose tie
I see a wild civility—
Do more bewitch me, than when art
Is too precise in every part.

-Robert Herrick

In Delight in Disorder, Robert Herrick dramatizes the internal conflict of the speaker who ponders the true meaning and source of beauty. Acting as a “fly on the wall” in a young woman’s dressing room, the speaker expresses his reactions to her beauty. The speaker, most likely a man, finds more appeal in her effortless disarray than in the extreme precision of the societal conception of beauty. Through his use of flawed rhyme scheme and oxymorons, Herrick imparts a wisdom about the concept of beauty. Delight in Disorder proves that imperfections are more alluring and powerful than the illusion of perfection, as perfection itself does not exist. Emphasizing the importance of natural and genuine observations instead of conceited and insincere opinions, Herrick conveys that a woman’s effect on senses is what defines her, rather than her more concrete characteristics and flaws. Herrick’s piece upholds the adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Despite the cliche, this gorgeous poem reveals that perfection is unachievable, and therefore; imperfections are the only truly beautiful things in life.

Herrick, a seventeenth century writer and poet, delivers an timeless message that many girls in today’s society (including myself) should heed. Constantly surrounded by stick thin models and condemantions of more plump individuals, most people today- especially young woman- feel a pressure to look and dress a certain way; to be perfect. As Herrick presents, “perfect” does not exist, but society never fails to conjure up a conception of perfect beauty. From clothing to body image, and everything in between, remember to be yourself and develop your own personal style, including those beautiful imperfections!

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genus, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!” -Marilyn Monroe



Tick Tock: Time to Shop

Looking at my watch and counting down the minutes until I was free to leave work, I couldn’t believe only 5 minutes had passed since I last checked. Twenty minutes later, my watch still read 8:35pm and I knew that it had gone to its eternal resting place in watch heaven. Well, at least its battery! This incident gave me the perfect excuse to upgrade my old, slighted rusted, and now broken watch. 

Walking into the Michael Kors Outlet store the next day, I knew exactly which watch I wanted (After several hours of online perusing, of course!). Gazing into the glass cabinet, I was ecstatic to find that they actually had the one I wanted! All I have to say is, Michael Kors has done it again because I’m absolutely in love with my new watch. Also, my beloved new arm candy was 25% off the regular price at any signature Michael Kors store. 

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

The Michael Kors Chain Link Watch in Tortoise and Gold is the ultimate watch for any girl who can’t decide between wanting a large boyfriend watch and a more dainty choice. Because of the chain links, the watch doubles as a fabulous bracelet! In addition, the combination of tortoise and gold enables it to be worn with casual outfits as well as any dressy ensemble. The Michael Kors label—MK—also holds a very special place in my heart, given my name. Are you sure its not for Mary Kate, Michael?

If you’re due for a new watch or simply want to treat yourself, hop on over to your nearest Michael Kors Outlet store, and find some fantastic arm candy! 

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

Monogram Alert: Keychains

On the hunt for the perfect gift for any woman? Especially one who looses her keys quite often? Look no further! These acrylic tortoise monogrammed keychains are my go-to gift for any fabulous lady in my life. I recently gifted them to numerous friends for their high school graduations, and of course… I HAD to get one for myself!

A monogrammed gift is perfect way to show someone that you thought about the gift, as it is a very personal token. An extremely practical gift, a monogrammed keychain can help any woman find her keys at the bottom of her Longchamp! These specific keychains come in several colors, but who does’t love the classic tortoise look?! Next time you’re scrambling to find a special gift or even treat yourself, head on over to your local “monogrammer” or, where I purchased mine.

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014