Hoppin’, Skippin’ & Jumpin’ … In My Jacks!

That adorable slim yellow box with a turquoise lid arrived on the doorstep the other day. This can only mean one thing: my new Jack Rogers have arrived! A girl can never have too many shoes, and she can certainly always use another pair of Jack Rogers’ fabulous sandals!

As a loyal Jack Rogers customer, I tend to wear nothing but the classic (and comfy) Navajo sandals all summer long. Although, as a girl who loves herself a bargain, I have tried several “knock-off” Jack Rogers-esque sandals. From Target to Palms and even Steven Salario, the real Jack Rogers are worth every penny. Even Jackie Kennedy would attest to that!

The “Evolution of My Jacks” (photo below) proves their durability and worth. Although my oldest pair has seen better days, I love them no less than my newest pair. If you haven’t already fell in love with these fabulous sandals, I advise you to channel your inner online shopaholic and order a pair! After all, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe.

©  Mary Kate Donahue, 2014

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2014



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