Tick Tock: The Countdown Is On

Where will I be headed in only thirty more days? Well, the biggest event of the season, of course. The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!!! Ever since I was a small nugget wearing oversized bows and monogrammed bloomers, going to the Lilly Sale has been a family tradition. My three older sisters, my mother, and the occasional aunt or family friend have piled into the Suburban at the wee hours of the morning in order to make it to King of Prussia, PA before the doors open. Let me tell ya, we are no rookies at this sport. We have stayed hotel rooms, camped out in the mall, or even driven from 2am-5am all to upgrade our closets.

Although, it’s not all about the clothes. The Lilly Sale is a one of a kind experience. In my seventeen wonderful years on this planet, I’ve probably been to about seven Lilly Sales. Each one better than the next. Along with scoring some serious bargains and bonding with other Lilly lovers, I simply love the chaotic day. Keep your credit cards handy ladies, we’re going shopping!


© Lilly Pulitzer



© Lilly Pulitzer Instagram


© Lilly Pulitzer Instagram




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