Style and Status

First of, I’m incredibly sorry that I have not been too on top of posting lately- more to come, I promise!

I’m extremely fortunate to attend an all-girls, private, college preparatory school in Washington, DC. Today, at my school, we took off a day of classes to participate in Diversity Day. Each year, we dedicate one day to acknowledging and opening up to different types of diversity in our school community. This year, we explored class diversity and distinctions in socio-economic status.

In a discussion today, my peers and I touched on the prevalence of stereotypes for certain social classes. This sparked my deeper individual thought on fashion, and how people outwardly portray themselves through individual style. Based on socio-economic status, some people have the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of high fashion, and designer brands. People from similar classes tend to participate in shared activities, live in similar areas, have common interests, and dress very similarly. What you wear sends a social signal, and reveals something about the wearer.

Because we all live fast paced lives and rarely stop to introduces ourselves to a stranger on the street, people perceive everything about what we wear. One of the most important lessons I learned to today was the detriment of making assumptions. Just because someone carries a Rebecca Minkoff bag, does not mean she can afford to throw away her money. Just because someone wears jeans and a t-shirt, does not mean they lack to money to wear more ornate clothing.

Despite the fact that clothing does, inevitably, parrot socio-economic status, style is a personal power. The messages you send through your clothing can reflect other’s perceptions. Whether reflective of the social class you technically fall into, you have the ability to chose what you want to put on your body every morning. Make sure you are projecting the best version of your true self.

Stay beautiful. xoxo



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