“APPsolutely” Adorable

You really aren't using your smartphone to its fullest potential until your home screen is donning your own fabulous monogram. Well, I discovered a gem on the App Store this past week. The "Marley Lilly" app allows users to make their very own savable monogram backgrounds, as well as shop their website, navigate their blog,... Continue Reading →

Livin’ La Vida Lilly

Why was this past Friday one of the best days of my life, you may ask? Well, that's simple! The Lilly Pulitzer store at my local mall finally opened. I was just nonchalantly walking through the bustling mall with my older sister, when I turned and saw that the Lilly printed "under construction" wall had... Continue Reading →

Style and Status

First of, I'm incredibly sorry that I have not been too on top of posting lately- more to come, I promise! I'm extremely fortunate to attend an all-girls, private, college preparatory school in Washington, DC.¬†Today, at my school, we took off a day of classes to participate in Diversity Day. Each year, we dedicate one... Continue Reading →

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