Style in Sochi

It only happens once every four years, and this time, America came in with a bang! On February 7, the Twenty-Second Winter Olympics began in Sochi, Russia. And none other than the outrageous Americans, marched in donning loud yet creative uniforms.

Credit to Ralph Lauren

© Ralph Lauren

Despite varying opinions on this gear, I absolutely love it! If I saw any random person wearing this (what may seem to be a horribly-tacky Christmas sweater), I’d probably hate it. But for such a triumphant event, such as the Olympics, I think this unique uniforms are perfect! There’s a time and a place for red, white, blue, several American flags, and the Olympic rings- and I believe they are totally appropriate! I applaud Ralph Lauren for not only their extremely patriotic designs, but also for their “Made in the USA” campaign.


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