Royal Stork Has Landed

The day all Brits (and Americans) have been waiting for since April 29, 2011 has finally arrived! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as Will and Kate, welcomed their first born into the world today.

If you’re anything like me (obsessed with the royal family) you we’re refreshing the BBC Twitter account and googling “Royal Baby Watch” every minute of every hour today! When I first saw the news via Twitter, I couldn’t believe Kate delivered a boy! I was hoping (along with William) that the couple would have a little girl. I know that the blue little bundle of joy will be loved immensely!


Because the media constantly compared Kate’s pregnancy to that of Kim Kardashian, I’m very happy that Kate delivered a boy. Hopefully, it will be harder to compare Kim’s baby girl to Kate’s baby boy, because we all know there’s truly no comparison between a true classy family and a shallow, media-obessed one. Although, I’m sure Kris Jenner is already concocting a plan to have them married one day (as if)!

Because Prince Charles’ name was not released for a month after his birth and Prince William’s name for a week after, I’m restlessly awaiting the release the new little prince’s name! Several speculations have been made about the possible name for the precious baby boy. I certainly know that the name will be full of class and very traditional, but here are my “Top 10 Royal Baby Name Predictions:”

1) George

2) James

3) Alexander

4) Henry

5) Richard

6) Charles

7) Edward

8) David

9) Albert

10) Stephen

Regardless of what The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to name their son, I know that he will grow up with amazing, loving, and nurturing parents. I’m certainly looking forward to watching him grow up! Congrats to the happy couple and their new bundle of joy!


© Tim Rooke




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