DIY Canvases

It’s that time…put your hair in a ponytail, change into your grubby old clothes, and channel your inner artist. Let’s craft!!!

I’m not the most artistic person, but I do consider myself a pretty creative thinker. I can imagine these elaborate and super creative ideas in my mind, but when it comes to executing them perfectly (because there is simply no other way), I get frustrated. This time, I was patient and came up with simple yet adorable ideas.

Welcome to craft city!


© Mary Kate Donahue, 2013


© Mary Kate Donahue, 2013

From left to right, the following is a brief description of each canvas.

Lilly Pulitzer canvas: I printed out several Lilly Pulitzer prints and cut them into small squares. Using ModPodge, I glued them in a patchwork fashion onto the canvas. Once dry, I took a paint pen and wrote this amazing Lilly quote!

Anchor canvas: First, I painted the background of the canvas turquoise. Then, I printed out a large anchor and taped it onto the canvas. Using a Sharpie, I traced the anchor onto the canvas. Taking a periwinkle paint, I filled in my tracing of the anchor. To finish it off, I took deep blue paint (and a steady hand) to write the quote.

Chevron canvas: Taking 2 inch pieces on masking tape, I arranged them in a chevron pattern 1 inch away from each other. Once the taping was done, I simply painted the canvas green. Then removing the tape, I had a pretty nice version of chevron. To complete the canvas, I took neon pink paint to the edges.

Monogram canvas: Again using tape, I sectioned off three equal parts of the canvas and painted each one a different color- blue, orange and pink. Then, I generated my monogram on MicrosoftWord, printed it out, and cut it to be a nice circle. Then, using ModPodge, I secured my monogram to the canvas.



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