What’s the Gossip?

If you’re anything like me, you know that the latest gossip is how heartbroken most are over the conclusion of Gossip Girl. I actually didn’t watch the shows as they aired, but I managed to watch Seasons 1-5 on  Netflix in just a month and a half. Then, I searched on every illegal website known to man in order to find Season 6. I stayed up until 3am one night, and finished the amazing series. Tissues in hand, I couldn’t believe I had heard “xoxo Gossip Girl” for the last time. Although, I’m considering re-watching all 121 episodes!


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Now that the intricate plot of the trials and tribulations of wealthy, Upper East Side teens has officially come to a close, I have some unanswered questions that I dying to know the answers to!

1. For starters, HOW did Dan Humphrey maintain Gossip Girl for all those years?

2. How are 16 year olds able to walk into a bar and order endless alcoholic beverages?

3. How was Serena able to get away with murder? (Mommy can’t fix that one!)

4. What was Chuck Bass’ final number of mistresses before his nuptials to Blair?

5. Whatever happened to Dan’s half-brother?

6. Who is Chuck’s mother?

7. What happened to Nate’s lip later in the series? Is this why he received less lines?

8. How did Bart Bass fake his death? Like they had a funeral!!!

9. Is Vanessa still alive?

10. How was everyone somehow related to each other? For example, Serena is childhood friends and has a fling with an artist (Aaron Rose) who displays his work at Rufus’ art gallery. Rufus is Serena’s stepdad. Aaron Rose is Cyrus Rose’s son, and Cyrus Rose is married to Eleanor Waldorf. Eleanor’s daughter, Blair, is best friends with Serena. See what I mean? I guess it is a small world!

11. Why did Chuck take the Harry Winston to Europe? We all know he had plenty of safes back in NYC.

12. Was the priest that Beatrice had sex with, actually a priest?

13. Would it kill Dan to cut his hair?

14. So after stressing about college during their high school years, none of them went to their dream college or actually went to their classes. What’s up with that?

15. How big is Blair’s closet? I want a tour!

With all these unanswered questions, all I truly want is MORE!!!  I want to know more about Henry, Dan and Serena’s wedding, Waldorf Designs, Doroda’s life and much more!! I want more!! Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic that anymore Gossip Girl episodes or a reunion movie will ever be created…..or maybe I’ll make it happen.

Credit to James Devaney

© James Devaney




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