Current Obsession: Light Nail Polish

The manicure I’m currently sporting is a nice, fresh coat of stark white polish, and I’m loving it! I’ve always been quite hesitant about trying any nail polish color other than bubble gum pink, candy apple red and neon pink. Once I put on my big girl panties and stepped into a world of OPI and Essie, I feel in love with so many unique polish colors.

I now love wearing white, light mint, peach (and the list goes on). I find that extremely light and almost faded colors tend to make you look tan. And as a girl who religiously wears SPF 75, I’ll take all the help I can get in that department!

Whenever you get tired of the typical fluorescent and vibrant colors this summer, try slipping on something a little more subdue. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.58.46 AM

© Essie


Get Nauti!

It’s that time again…SUMMER!! The official first day of summer was marked last Friday (June 21) by National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day. I didn’t get a chance to post, but I hope all you donned your beautiful Lilly frocks like I did!

Summer means sands between your toes. Summer means watermelon juice dripping down your face. Watermelon means freckles and sunburns. Summer means lazy days and long nights. Summer means spending time by the water. And where better to be a little nauti then by some H2O!!

From navy blue and red, to anchors and sailboats, there are so many ways to show off nauti behavior, so just set sail and be prepared for the seas ahead! Ahoy, darling!

Credit to Hayden Williams

© Hayden Williams

Credit to Mary Kate Donahue

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2013

Credit to The Lilly Pad Cottage

© The Lilly Pad Cottage


Current Obsession: Chevron

Although Geometry was not one of my favorite classes, geometric designs make  me so very happy! My current obsession (and probably my all-time favorite) is chevron. I call it “sassy stripes.” It’s basically just as simple as stripes, but with a pinch more pizazz! From clothing to furniture, and beyond, I love anything and everything chevron!

Credit to Mary Kate Donahue

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2011

Credit to Lilly Pulitzer

© Lilly Pulitzer

Credit to Liza Graves

© Liza Graves


What’s the Gossip?

If you’re anything like me, you know that the latest gossip is how heartbroken most are over the conclusion of Gossip Girl. I actually didn’t watch the shows as they aired, but I managed to watch Seasons 1-5 on  Netflix in just a month and a half. Then, I searched on every illegal website known to man in order to find Season 6. I stayed up until 3am one night, and finished the amazing series. Tissues in hand, I couldn’t believe I had heard “xoxo Gossip Girl” for the last time. Although, I’m considering re-watching all 121 episodes!


© We Heart It

Now that the intricate plot of the trials and tribulations of wealthy, Upper East Side teens has officially come to a close, I have some unanswered questions that I dying to know the answers to!

1. For starters, HOW did Dan Humphrey maintain Gossip Girl for all those years?

2. How are 16 year olds able to walk into a bar and order endless alcoholic beverages?

3. How was Serena able to get away with murder? (Mommy can’t fix that one!)

4. What was Chuck Bass’ final number of mistresses before his nuptials to Blair?

5. Whatever happened to Dan’s half-brother?

6. Who is Chuck’s mother?

7. What happened to Nate’s lip later in the series? Is this why he received less lines?

8. How did Bart Bass fake his death? Like they had a funeral!!!

9. Is Vanessa still alive?

10. How was everyone somehow related to each other? For example, Serena is childhood friends and has a fling with an artist (Aaron Rose) who displays his work at Rufus’ art gallery. Rufus is Serena’s stepdad. Aaron Rose is Cyrus Rose’s son, and Cyrus Rose is married to Eleanor Waldorf. Eleanor’s daughter, Blair, is best friends with Serena. See what I mean? I guess it is a small world!

11. Why did Chuck take the Harry Winston to Europe? We all know he had plenty of safes back in NYC.

12. Was the priest that Beatrice had sex with, actually a priest?

13. Would it kill Dan to cut his hair?

14. So after stressing about college during their high school years, none of them went to their dream college or actually went to their classes. What’s up with that?

15. How big is Blair’s closet? I want a tour!

With all these unanswered questions, all I truly want is MORE!!!  I want to know more about Henry, Dan and Serena’s wedding, Waldorf Designs, Doroda’s life and much more!! I want more!! Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic that anymore Gossip Girl episodes or a reunion movie will ever be created…..or maybe I’ll make it happen.

Credit to James Devaney

© James Devaney



Current Obsession: Peach and Turquoise

One of my absolute favorite color combo has to be peach and turquoise. Because orange and blue are complimentary colors, this pastel version of that duo is to die for. The beautiful combination reminds me of summer and the south (like Georgia peaches and Carolina blue). I just can’t get enough of peach and turquoise. Here are some fun and unique ways to incorporate the pair into the color palate of your closet, home, and style!

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 5.50.08 PM

Collage made by Mary Kate Donahue

Trend Alert: Arm Candy

You probably became extremely excited at the sight of the title, as you thought, maybe (just maybe) there would be a yummy picture of Channing Tatum or Zac Efron. We’re not talking about that kind of arm candy, silly! We’re talking about the layering of different accessories up your arm, and each piece is oh so enticing (just like that bowl of Easter candy you still have stashed in the back of your pantry)!

You no longer have to decide whether you want to wear a watch or bangles, a charm bracelet or a cuff– because know you can wear them all at the same time, and look fabulous while doing it! I’ve been embellishing myself with arm candy for quite a while and I think this trend is even more fun in the summer. Don’t be afraid to stack on the bracelets, mix metallics, or even wear two watches! Go for it, darling!


photo 2

© Mary Kate Donahue, 2013

My go-to stack for arm candy!

Those Who Inspire Me

From style icons, to role models to all around fabulous ladies, these women (whether fictional, alive or even royalty) inspire me each and every day to set out and become something.



© People

Lilly Pulitzer 

What a woman! Lilly has been a constant role model in my life for as long as I can remember. My mom, aunt, three sisters, and I have traveled to quite a few of her Warehouse Sales and I guess you could say we’re all addicts. From her classic shift dresses to her fun, bright patterns to the way she lived her Palm Beach life, Lilly was (and still is) such a fashion inspiration. I, one day, hope to start a line that captures the essence of Pulitzer’s pastel, preppy and picturesque world.


© GlamAmor

Jackie Kennedy

One of the reasons Lilly Pulitzer’s line took of in the 1960s was because of the classic and timeless beauty, Jacqueline Kennedy. She dressed with the utmost sense of class, not only because she was always in the limelight, but also because she enjoyed it. She knew that pearls were appropraite for any social gathering, and she became a distinguished wife and fashion icon. Kennedy’s class, beauty, and grace, unparalleled in the history of First Ladies, truly exhilarates me.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 11.08.21 PM

© Getty

Kate Middleton

Similar to Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton (or the Duchess of Cambridge, if you wish) is also such a classic princess (literally)! From her tailored dresses to modest heel heights, Kate has mastered the art of being a classy and dignified member of the royal family. Of course, the whole princess thing would be a major perk, but I truly strive to emulate her.




© CW

Blair Waldorf

In my eyes, the fictional and devious version of Kate Middleton is no other than Blair Waldorf. Yes, her actions may not always be condonable, but she is always dressed to nines! I love that about her! Sadly, Gossip Girl is not real life, but I would love wearing a different color peacoat every day of the week and eating macaroons in the bathtub! Whether her life is realistic or not, Blair Waldorf’s uniquely preppy sense of style reminds me to take risks with my closet.


© Zimbio

Kate Spade

Blair Waldorf most certainly had several items with the label “Kate Spade” on them, as her designs are breathtaking. From the vibrant colors of her handbags to the gemstones in her jewelry, Kate Spade’s line screams fun! Every single time I walk into her shop in Georgetown, I am filled with this sense living life to the fullest. As she once said, “serve champagne with pizza and eat takeout on china,” the way a “Kate Spade” girl lives is merry and bright.


© Lifestyle Laundry

Audrey Hepburn

If a girl loves Kate Spade, there’s a high chance that she also loves Tiffany’s, just as Audrey Hepburn did while portraying Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Aside from her role in the amazing film, Hepburn was another timeless beauty, who dressed with the utmost class. Her captivating beauty and strong belief in the LBD make her another women who sees fashion the same way as I do. Class, pearls, red lipstick and black cocktail dresses will never go out of style!


© @LoveElleWoods Twitter handle

Elle Woods

Another fictional character, Elle Woods taught me the importance of pink, your girlfriends (especially, if they have four legs), education and hair care products. Her bubbly personality is so fun and her ability to be herself and stand up for herself is truly inspiring! Elle most definitely deserves a bend and snap!

Here Goes Nothing

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!

I live in an imaginary world filled with several shades of pink, monograms galore, a breathtaking closet (of mostly shoes, of course) and tons of hot guys, baked goods and caffeine to get me through the day! Welcome to this world. From now on, I hope to take you on this magical and fashionable journey of my life. Sit back and enjoy the ride- but don’t forget your luggage; you’re going to need adorable outfits, darling!